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Eden Monaro Mike Kelly MP

NDIS issues? Reserve 26 September

ON THE 26th of September, I am hosting a forum at the Queanbeyan Kangaroo Rugby League Club to address any concerns that people may have with the NDIS. The NDIS has

Success in treating Wombat mange

Wildlife carer’s innovative method that any landholder can adopt WOMBATS IN AUSTRALIA face challenges to their survival, including drought and the destruction of their homes due to environmental factors and human

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war on wildlife

War on wildlife ramps up in NSW

WHAT IS  IT with killing kangaroos to pay for the misfortunes of Australian graziers and croppers? My colleague suggests it is a control thing, as in ‘can’t control the weather and

war on wildlife Aug2018

Kangaroo killing for farmers: Counterpoint

DURING A TWO-YEAR period when my partner and I managed a large cattle station in northern SA, we experienced the extreme stress of prolonged hot and dry conditions. It is