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Animals in the Wild

THE ANIMALS IN THE WILD photographic competition was held again this year. It is an initiative of David Shoebridge, Greens member of the Legislative Council who continues to offer practical

Great Southern Forest

Environment peak groups endorse Great Southern Forest proposal

By Paul Payten. THE WILDERNESS SOCIETY is the latest environmental group to add its official support to a growing list of about 50 others supporting a proposal to establish a Great

Editorial & Commentary

injured wildlife

Stopping for injured wildlife the right thing to do

Excellent letter in the Canberra Times responding ACT Government's irresponsible comments if you accidentally hit an animal on the road: Moral imperative IT IS CONTEMPTIBLE of Daniel Iglesias to use the reckless

ACT kangaroo cull 2018

Speak up! They’re counting on YOU

I'M SITTING HERE feeling warm and safe from the world trying to swallow dinner. But I feel sick. I feel sick because Canberra is culling kangaroos tonight (3,200 over three months)