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Turtle Tale from Bywong

Rare images of land turtle nesting by Murray Goodridge MY WIFE JANELLE and I purchased our property ‘Hidden Lake’ in Bywong in 2005. The main feature of the 16ha farm is a 2ha lake created about 70 years ago by the damming of a seasonal creek. At the time of our arrival

Tis the season for Tea-trees

Story and images by Jo Walker, District Bulletin, December 2011 TEA-TREES are a widespread genus of Australian plants, with more than 80 species occurring in all states and territories. The genus name, Leptospermum, describes the abundant narrow seeds which are carried in woody fruit capsules. The common name, Tea-tree, refers to attempts

Legal challenge to NSW land-clearing codes

AT THE END of November the NSW Nature Conservation Council launched legal proceedings in the Land and Environment Court seeking to overturn controversial land-clearing codes made under the Local Land Services Act earlier this year. “We are taking the Berejiklian government to court to scrap its destructive land-clearing laws, to defend

Last century thinking threatens forests, ignores climate remedy

koala vs wood pellets

Between Palerang, Queanbeyan and the whole south coast, and in the north, native forest are still being logged and fragmented with government/industry regional forest agreements that value native forests more as woodchips than as greenhouse gas carbon ‘sinks’ and wildlife habitat. HOPEFUL CONTRACTUAL agreements with multi-nationals threaten to lock in forest