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Turnbull must discuss coal with Jokowi

By The Australia Institute “Both Australian and Indonesian governments say they want to build coal fired power. Both are told by industry it’s not going to happen. In Australia’s case because it’s too expensive, in Indonesia’s case because they cannot produce that much coal.” Indonesian President Joko Widodo will visit Australia this

ONLY ONE SPARK NEEDED; here’s what not to do

Fire danger continues through March In the aftermath of recent large fires in the Queanbeyan Palerang region, several started by machinery, Captain Sharon Field of the Burra Rural Fire Service, has appealed for extra vigilance from all residents who live and work in our surrounding rural areas. Given the conditions we have

FIRE aftermath: Wildcare needs help

Wildcare has mobilised to rescue and treat wildlife burnt in the Mt Fairy, Sutton and Carwoola fires. About 20 kangaroos, some reptiles and turtles have come into care so far. Wildcare is also providing fodder drops to keep wildlife alive whilst their habitat regenerates over the next few months. What with

Carwoola grass fire aftermath and funding appeal

Stop press:  How sparks fly and create tragedy. The grass fire that devastated Carwoola on 17 February was apparently started by a spinning metal cutting wheel according to a brave post in Carwoola FB hub by the property owner.  Construction was taking place on his property at Brindabella Place Carwoola. 

The Turnbull Government playing with coal.

This is a government of cowards. It hit 47 degrees. Fires ravaged NSW. Our electricity network barely coped. And what did our Government do? Waved lumps of coal around in Parliament and giggled while everyday Australians prepared to fight savage bushfires and defend their homes.1 They couldn't be more out

Notes from the fire front

“What sticks in my mind from this fire? Fear– that was controlled by training and a trust in my fellow crew members. We were alone in the middle of a running fire with a task to complete as best we could, but we knew each had the other’s back. The

Centrelink fraud exposed by whistleblower

Braidwood resident’s story, plus domestic violence sufferer and others being hit Community lobby group GetUp has taken a lead in revealing the allegations of a Centrelink Whistleblower. In a letter sent to GetUp, the whistleblower has exposed a massive government fraud inflicted on tens of thousands of Australians. Dozens of cases have already been

The “swampy” world of kangaroo politics – species at risk

By Helen Bergen The Californian government’s Fair Political Practices Commission has warned the Australian government to stop their underhand tactics to restart the trade in kangaroo products into California, Greens animal welfare spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said. The warning letter was issued after an investigation confirmed the Australian government violated California’s lobbying

Take action now to prepare for grass fires

As we head into the warmer months, residents across the Lake George area are being warned to take steps now to protect themselves from grass fires. Due to recent vegetation growth there is an increased risk of grass fires and the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) is warning residents that