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Small farm model faces woes and opportunity

Penny Kothe and Paul McKinnon with three pigs on one hectare of grass. The poultry was shifted around one hectare blocks.

Penny Kothe and Paul McKinnon with three pigs on one hectare of grass. The poultry was shifted around one hectare blocks   Penny Kothe, with her partner Paul McKinnon have for the past four years farmed on 100 acres (40 ha) east of Bungendore. Caroola Farm is in the broadacre (RU1) zone

Notes from the fire front – personal accounts

Apocalyptic weather:  one woman’s fire experience (followed by flood) Bronte Davies from Sydney, who was visiting ‘Merigan’, a sheep and cattle property between Tarago and Bungendore in the Mt Fairy area in mid-January, gives a dramatic first person account of what it was like for an ordinary person (without a fire plan

Trump, Brexit and the lessons we didn’t hear

Living in Australia and dependent on mainstream global news reports, many of us could not imagine that Donald Trump would become the 45th President of the United States. Of course Hillary will win, we assured ourselves as the polls tightened. How could it possibly be otherwise? There was little reporting

From Kerala to Queanbeyan: a migrant experience

My new home “I love to call myself a person of Queanbeyan”, said Sethuparvathy ‘Sethu’ Kiran with a beaming smile that instantly breaks the ice, and keeps on warming the conversation. “I’m so proud to call Queanbeyan my second home.” Her enthusiasm is infectious. But it was a typical hard start for

National Parks slams Baird for opening door to land clearing

The Baird government has finally introduced its controversial land clearing legislation in Parliament despite almost uniform opposition from scientists and environment groups and a significant proportion of farmers. [But] The bucket of money that Mike Baird will pour into private land conservation won’t be enough to stem the loss of biodiversity

Speaking out: young grazier takes on the stereotypes

A cook book triggered Josh Gilbert’s light bulb moment about the benefit of a public alliance between environment and agriculture. The conviction brought him to a high -profile showdown in January when he resigned as chair of NSW Young Farmers in protest against the NSW Coalition government’s plans to gut the

Enjoying endorphins in communal harmony

Moya Simpson leads the WORLDLY GOODS choir in performance. The choir starts again on Monday 10 October at Gorman House. Enquiries 6238 1827.   As I settle down to write about communal singing, aka choirs, and the benefits to your health and wellness, what should come on the radio but a spontaneous