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Plastic waste reduction on Braidwood radar

I was recently in a Canberra supermarket with a friend, when I paused by a display of coloured boxes. “Oh, you can’t buy those,” my friend announced. “Coffee pods. Think of the waste.” “Really?” I replied, and looked pointedly at my friend’s shopping trolley. Every single item was packaged in plastic. Everything.

Country life … it’s been dry

(Ed note: as of the weekend of 18 February, following devastating fires in western Palerang and also thunderstorms and rains in that part of the world, this is the picture on the eastern side of the Divide towards Araluen). The grass is brown and crunchy underfoot and the little trees I

High country journey of revelations

Robin Tennant-Wood interviews Deborah O’Brien author of The Rarest Thing An article about mountain pygmy possums was the inspiration behind Deborah O’Brien’s latest novel, The Rarest Thing. Following a successful signing of her new book at Miss Ruby's Bookshop on 26 November, Deborah spoke to me about the novel, pygmy possums and

Eden-Monaro: bellwether no more

By early on election night it was evident that Labor’s Mike Kelly was on track to regain the seat he lost to Peter Hendy in 2013. The national trend showed a swing towards Labor but no one was calling the election for either side and indeed, a hung parliament was