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Hunting dogs on loose cause carnage

Letter to editor Late on Monday 27 February two dogs were heard and seen chasing and attacking a wild pig over more than an hour in the bush terrain behind the end of Kiah Road. This area runs from properties off Little Burra Road to those off Candy Road. While no one has

Centrelink fraud exposed by whistleblower

Braidwood resident’s story, plus domestic violence sufferer and others being hit Community lobby group GetUp has taken a lead in revealing the allegations of a Centrelink Whistleblower. In a letter sent to GetUp, the whistleblower has exposed a massive government fraud inflicted on tens of thousands of Australians. Dozens of cases have already been

Trump, Brexit and the lessons we didn’t hear

Living in Australia and dependent on mainstream global news reports, many of us could not imagine that Donald Trump would become the 45th President of the United States. Of course Hillary will win, we assured ourselves as the polls tightened. How could it possibly be otherwise? There was little reporting

The biggest #CensusFail: Communication with the public

By Matt Bevan, ABC radio The number of mistakes made by the Australian Bureau of Statistics leading up to and on census night was astonishing—and nearly all of them were due to poor communication skills, writes Matt Bevan. The idea of counting the population of your jurisdiction has been around for a

Save the Planet – eat less beef and dairy?

Forget solar panels and wind farms for a minute, could a country meet its climate target by dramatically reducing beef and dairy consumption? They certainly seem to think so in Europe. Emissions from agricultural production currently account for about 25 percent of European greenhouse gas emissions. Researchers in Sweden suggest that agricultural