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Conversations on renewable energy

Luke Osborne – CEO Reposit Power – levelling the field for domestic and business solar installations Bulletin reporter Graham Franklin-Browne recently spoke to renewables champion Luke Osborne about the benefits of wind power in our region, the outlook for domestic solar, and the future of renewables in Australia. Luke is a currently

Local diverse farms secure food, grow local economies

What’s so special about local farms and local produce? Why bother when you can buy everything at the supermarket? Whether it is climate change, fossil fuels, peak oil or another of the global impacts on our food and water, the industrialised food system is dependent on the transportation of cheap global

Energy security and climate change commitments

What are we doing? At the 2015 climate change talks in Paris, Australia committed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 26-28 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030. Some say it’s not enough; nevertheless, it’s a significant reduction to be achieved in less than 13 years. Over this past summer, Australia

Wildcare’s albino brushtail

Almost everyone can recognise a brushtail possum, all bright eyes, bushy black tail and little pink nose. They are among Australia's most attractive and adaptable animals and are found the length and breadth of the continent, save in the arid interior. [Ed note: unfortunately killed in mass numbers in Tasmania]. Would

BMW CEO slams government for ignoring electric vehicles

Wheels Magazine recently reported that BMW Australia CEO Marc Werner had slammed the Turnbull Government for failing to provide a framework for electric vehicle consumption in Australia. Calling out the lack of incentives for EV ownership, including financial incentives and infrastructure, Werner said the “time for talking” was over. “It’s time for

Think it’s all happened before so, what me worry?

Persistent climate deniers reject the idea that the climate is changing. When they see an increase in extreme weather events, however, they move to the next level down in denial. “OK, the climate is changing but humans are not to blame. It’s the sun, volcanoes and other natural forces changing the

Stopping land clearing could help keep Australia cool

By Clive McAlpine, Jozef Syktus and Leonie Seabrook, The Conversation Land clearing is on the rise in Queensland and New South Wales, with land clearing laws being fiercely debated. In Queensland in 2013–14, 278,000 hectares of native vegetation were cleared (1.2 times the size of the Australian Capital Territory). A further 296,000ha

Turnbull must discuss coal with Jokowi

By The Australia Institute “Both Australian and Indonesian governments say they want to build coal fired power. Both are told by industry it’s not going to happen. In Australia’s case because it’s too expensive, in Indonesia’s case because they cannot produce that much coal.” Indonesian President Joko Widodo will visit Australia this