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Turtle Tale from Bywong

Rare images of land turtle nesting by Murray Goodridge MY WIFE JANELLE and I purchased our property ‘Hidden Lake’ in Bywong in 2005. The main feature of the 16ha farm is a 2ha lake created about 70 years ago by the damming of a seasonal creek. At the time of our arrival

Last century thinking threatens forests, ignores climate remedy

koala vs wood pellets

Between Palerang, Queanbeyan and the whole south coast, and in the north, native forest are still being logged and fragmented with government/industry regional forest agreements that value native forests more as woodchips than as greenhouse gas carbon ‘sinks’ and wildlife habitat. HOPEFUL CONTRACTUAL agreements with multi-nationals threaten to lock in forest

Let no waste be wasted

A visit to the Veolia waste treatment plant at Woodlawn By Graham Franklin-Browne. EVER WONDERED how geographically vast Sydney really is, or how far its presence extends? For most of us around here the state capital still seems a respectable distance away – and we generally like to keep it that way. It's a

Here’s why the 2017 flu season was so bad

Vaccines for the flu offer mediocre coverage compared with those for other diseases.  PLRANG ART/Shutterstock Ian M. Mackay, The University of Queensland and Katherine Arden, The University of Queensland Australia has recorded 221,853 flu infections so far in 2017, more than any other year. As the flu season comes to an end, we’re

Heed science review not government assumptions ACT urged

— press release. THE ANIMAL JUSTICE Party has called on the ACT government to heed a 2014 CSIRO independent review of the alleged evidence underpinning Canberra’s annual kangaroo slaughter. The independent review revealed that the government’s research did not support its assumption that kangaroos at pre-cull numbers on city reserves have