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Us and Them — the End Game?

us and them

ABOVE: from a hunting website in Queensland a year ago. As in Queensland, the NSW government is actively calling for 'volunteers'  to shoot the wildlife – "to help the farmers" they say. Apart from basic ethical and usefulness issues, in both states there is no evidence of oversight on capacity

Two dozen welfare organisations say STOP to kangaroo slaughter

AS BRITISH ANIMAL welfare organisation VIVA announces its latest success in dissuading UK supermarkets from selling kangaroo meat two dozen prominent national and international welfare organisations have joined forces on an open letter explaining why Australians should stop looking the other way and stand up against the ethically bankrupt, cruel

Whistleblower’s conviction overturned

Chris Klootwijk’s response to his acquittal: “It’s great! I’ve been promoted from ‘crim’ to ‘pest’.” ACT failed to have valid license to shoot wildlife Court report by Frankie Seymour The ACT Supreme Court has overturned, on appeal, the conviction of a man for ‘hindering a government official’ by blowing a whistle during the

SLOW DOWN, you move too fast

Winter time more wildlife – kangaroos, wombats on the verges From Wildcare Queanbeyan Those of us who drive in rural areas know only too well that winter has arrived – not because it’s getting colder, but because we are seeing many more kangaroos, wombats and other animals on the roads. Daylight saving

Kangaroos and biodiversity

Dateline July 2010: Anatomy of a book banning: how ACT government reacted hysterically to report that kangaroos are part of biodiversity From the Bulletin archive. Robin Tennant-Wood takes up the story after this excerpt from the July 2010 Bulletin “Native herbivores such as kangaroos and wombats play a vital role in