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Turnbull must discuss coal with Jokowi

By The Australia Institute “Both Australian and Indonesian governments say they want to build coal fired power. Both are told by industry it’s not going to happen. In Australia’s case because it’s too expensive, in Indonesia’s case because they cannot produce that much coal.” Indonesian President Joko Widodo will visit Australia this

Climate change: Trump returning US to wilful ignorance

Jenny Goldie reports that US President-elect Trump’s mooted dismissal of climate action may galvanise other countries to bigger solutions. “I want to throw up.  NY Times is predicting Trump.  This is the worst thing ever.” So emailed my New York-based niece within hours of polls closing in the United States. I sympathised,

Controversial new land clearing laws in NSW

The NSW Government has called for consultation on its new legislation that includes a new land management framework under the Local Land Services Act 2013 (LLS Act). It’s official aim is to efficiently allow farmers to undertake ‘legitimate’ land clearing and improve agricultural productivity. Underpinning the framework is the new

Focus on new energy and jobs

Large-scale solar on horizon The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has announced that 22 large-scale solar projects have been short-listed as candidates for its $100-million solar photovoltaic funding. Of those projects, Infigen Energy owns two: the 42.4-megawatt Manildra solar farm and the 39-megawatt Capital solar farm in our region. The location as

Stamps and global warming

Chris Yardley writes about his research showing how postage stamps reflect public discussions. Stamps have reflected the changing climate of talk about global warming in Australia over two decades. The postage stamp is a ‘time capsule’, a representation of an ideal or a situation at a certain point in time  Regardless

Turnbull on climate change

by Jenny Goldie After a disappointing start, Malcolm Turnbull’s new Cabinet he may yet do the right thing on climate change, according to Climate Action Monaro (CAM).] Environmental organisations like CAM had held high hopes for the new Prime Minister but Turnbull’s statements on climate change on the night of his election

Jewish leader supports Pope’s call for climate action and critique of economic focus

Jenny Goldie continues the series of interviews with religious leaders on climate change, talking here with Jewish Rabbi Jonathan Keren-Black. Rabbi Jonathan Keren-Black joined a delegation of leaders from various faiths in Parliament House, Canberra, on 22 June in endorsing the Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si. Pope Francis had called for urgent