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China takes up Australian solar thermal technology

Australia’s world leading solar heliostat technology will be used for concentrating solar thermal (CST) electricity generation in China. The CSIRO has partnered with a Chinese company Thermal Focus to manufacture, market, sell and install CSIRO’s patented low cost heliostats, field control software and design software in China, with a shared revenue

National Parks slams Baird for opening door to land clearing

The Baird government has finally introduced its controversial land clearing legislation in Parliament despite almost uniform opposition from scientists and environment groups and a significant proportion of farmers. [But] The bucket of money that Mike Baird will pour into private land conservation won’t be enough to stem the loss of biodiversity

Farmers roll up to Parliament in climate change action

Australian farmer for Climate Change go to Parliament House

‘Farmers for Climate Action’ came to the Australian Parliament in late November with the outcomes of their national survey of 1338 Australian farmers, conducted over the last two months. The survey returned a 90 percent response of concern about the impact of climate change. Eden-Monaro representative Mike Kelly met with some

Climate change: Trump returning US to wilful ignorance

Jenny Goldie reports that US President-elect Trump’s mooted dismissal of climate action may galvanise other countries to bigger solutions. “I want to throw up.  NY Times is predicting Trump.  This is the worst thing ever.” So emailed my New York-based niece within hours of polls closing in the United States. I sympathised,

Australian Magpie-Lark

Australian Magpie-Lark (Mudlark, Peewee, Peewit): The 'Peewee' is widespread throughout Australia. They need trees for roosting, pasture to seek for insects and a water source which also provides mud for building their nests. They patrol the edges of water sources, picking up insects and larvae and whatever else they can

Speaking out: young grazier takes on the stereotypes

A cook book triggered Josh Gilbert’s light bulb moment about the benefit of a public alliance between environment and agriculture. The conviction brought him to a high -profile showdown in January when he resigned as chair of NSW Young Farmers in protest against the NSW Coalition government’s plans to gut the

The Future Is Ours

From Businesswire New campaign backed by youth activists, Nobel Laureates, award-winning actors and CEOs call for millennials to be ‘at the table’ when carbon emission caps are set. Those with the biggest stake in our future need to be represented at the table of negotiations says new campaign The Future Is Ours

Happy ending for Jerra the Black Swan

by Philip Machin for Wildcare Wildcare gets many orphaned and injured animals coming through the door. They are all very special in their own way – ranging from venomous snakes, scaly shinglebacks, flying foxes only a mother could love, nervous roos, squawking magpies and cuddly baby wombats. But some animals take your

Woodlawn wind farm

October view from the Woodlawn Wind Farm after Infigen’s Run with the Wind event that, as usual, drew visitors from throughout the region. The day was appropriately windy and Weereewa/Lake George in the background has more water than anyone has seen in recent decades. The area’s wind farms not only