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Book review: The Bionarrative

The Bionarrative – the story of life and hope for the future by Stephen Boyden ANU Press 162pp   We are in ecological crisis and face collapse of civilisation. This is the grim warning of Stephen Boyden, ANU professor and farmer from just south of QPRC local government area. The warning, however, carries a message

What caused most of the recent area bushfires?

Burning off, both legal and illegal, caused about one third of the bushfires started in the Tarago, Bungendore region (including Boro, Mt Fairy and Bywong incidents) and towards Goulburn between September 2016 and the end of February 2017. There were 17 incidents, most quickly put out, in a report provided

Plastic waste reduction on Braidwood radar

I was recently in a Canberra supermarket with a friend, when I paused by a display of coloured boxes. “Oh, you can’t buy those,” my friend announced. “Coffee pods. Think of the waste.” “Really?” I replied, and looked pointedly at my friend’s shopping trolley. Every single item was packaged in plastic. Everything.