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Australian bush to TS Eliot

New botanical exhibition by Sharon Field 25 March – 7 May Acclaimed botanical artist Sharon Field will open a solo exhibition at Suki & Hugh Gallery, Bungendore on 25 March. The Burra resident and Captain of the Burra Bushfire Brigade will show 18 exquisitely rendered watercolour paintings of artefacts typical of summer

Book review: A Single Tree

A Single Tree – voices from the bush Compiled by Don Watson Penguin Random House, Australia 2016, 416pp Reviewed by Jenny Goldie Brandishing a $50 Christmas gift voucher from my son, I raced into the bookstore, meaning to buy the much acclaimed 2014 book by Don Watson, called “The Bush”. In my haste I

High country journey of revelations

Robin Tennant-Wood interviews Deborah O’Brien author of The Rarest Thing An article about mountain pygmy possums was the inspiration behind Deborah O’Brien’s latest novel, The Rarest Thing. Following a successful signing of her new book at Miss Ruby's Bookshop on 26 November, Deborah spoke to me about the novel, pygmy possums and

Summer reading: more books, different style

Summer reading, childrens The chatterbox cat, Brolly Books, 2016 Reviewer revealed below Welcome to The Chatterbox Cat, number nine of Robyn Goodwin’s Backyard Tales. These are books for the very young and they really entertain kids from round about two years of age. Wait a minute, how old is the person writing this piece?

2 Books Review by Nick Goldie

When political ‘centre’ is on the right, how far to find equality? Listen Liberal by Thomas Frank Scribe, 2016.   American political commentator Thomas Frank describes himself as having a deep pink political tinge. His new book Listen, Liberal is a scathing attack, not on the US Republicans as you might expect, but on the Democratic

The Braidwood saga of poor Junie

Worth Fighting For, Mary-Anne O’Connor Harlequin Mira, 2016. Just like the girl in the song, she was poor but she was honest, victim of a rich man’s game. Sagas, especially historical family sagas, are not my first choice of reading matter, but I did find myself wanting to know what happens next to

Book reviews

A day at the footie From the Outer, Ed. Nicole Hayes and Alicia Sometimes, (Black Inc 2016) Some of the best writing, and certainly some of the best photography, is hidden away on the sports pages. Hidden away, that is, if you are not a sports fan. If you are a sports

Insects: local heroes and local villains

Book Review by Nick Goldie Returning from a fire near Berridale, we noticed a line of dead gum trees along a boulder ridge. “It was the drought,” said the Captain. “Dieback”, said one of the crew. “There’s been a fire through there,” I asserted. Next day, Insects of South-Eastern Australia arrived in

Age should not wither them

Book Review by Nick Goldie Dear Life, Karen Hitchcock, Black Inc 2016 Readers of The Monthly will be familiar with the medical column written by Doctor Karen Hitchcock: wry, spare, hard-hitting. Her new book Dear Life is all of these and more. Dr Hitchcock has firm opinions about most things medical, and backs

Summer reading

12 of the best Australian books of 2105 A retrospective look by book reviewer Nick Goldie who writes: “twelve of the dozens of books which crossed my desk last year, all from smaller Australian publishers, and all worth reading.” Wild Boys, Helena Pastor, UQP. First time is learning, the second time is