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Beauty among the thorns

Beauty among the thorns: a male Superb Fairy-wren lands briefly on old blackberry canes in between foraging. They are active and flit about seeking insects and sometimes fruitlets. All members gather food and bring it to the growing nestlings until they fledge, when the dominant male and unattached adults take

Fair Food dinner showcases regional products

Why fair food? A fantastic roll-up for the Fair Food Dinner hosted by Southern Harvest producers in Bungendore in October was part of Fair Food Week, initiated by the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance. More than 80 were served with a local fresh food meal cooked by Scrumpers Garden and  more than $6,000

2 Books Review by Nick Goldie

When political ‘centre’ is on the right, how far to find equality? Listen Liberal by Thomas Frank Scribe, 2016.   American political commentator Thomas Frank describes himself as having a deep pink political tinge. His new book Listen, Liberal is a scathing attack, not on the US Republicans as you might expect, but on the Democratic

Enjoying endorphins in communal harmony

Moya Simpson leads the WORLDLY GOODS choir in performance. The choir starts again on Monday 10 October at Gorman House. Enquiries 6238 1827.   As I settle down to write about communal singing, aka choirs, and the benefits to your health and wellness, what should come on the radio but a spontaneous

Australian Swallow

Welcome Swallow: Hirundo neoxena (other names: Australian Swallow, House Swallow): The swallow builds a cup-shaped mud nest in open sheds, under eaves and anywhere it can attach the nest and have shelter. Seeing any nests brings to mind the work involved for the birds. Their beaks are small and carrying

The Braidwood saga of poor Junie

Worth Fighting For, Mary-Anne O’Connor Harlequin Mira, 2016. Just like the girl in the song, she was poor but she was honest, victim of a rich man’s game. Sagas, especially historical family sagas, are not my first choice of reading matter, but I did find myself wanting to know what happens next to

Book reviews

A day at the footie From the Outer, Ed. Nicole Hayes and Alicia Sometimes, (Black Inc 2016) Some of the best writing, and certainly some of the best photography, is hidden away on the sports pages. Hidden away, that is, if you are not a sports fan. If you are a sports