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The biggest #CensusFail: Communication with the public

By Matt Bevan, ABC radio The number of mistakes made by the Australian Bureau of Statistics leading up to and on census night was astonishing—and nearly all of them were due to poor communication skills, writes Matt Bevan. The idea of counting the population of your jurisdiction has been around for a

Save the Planet – eat less beef and dairy?

Forget solar panels and wind farms for a minute, could a country meet its climate target by dramatically reducing beef and dairy consumption? They certainly seem to think so in Europe. Emissions from agricultural production currently account for about 25 percent of European greenhouse gas emissions. Researchers in Sweden suggest that agricultural

China’s fossil fuel transformation places axe over controversial Shenhua coal mine in New England

The politically toxic proposed coal mine at the centre of the election battle between Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and Tony Windsor appears doomed after its Chinese owner outlined an accelerated transformation plan away from mining into cleaner electricity generation. China Shenhua, which owns the contentious Shenhua-Watermark project on the NSW

Our land and the Koala Capital of the world

Callum Golding travelled to Gunnedah to meet koalas and learn about the habitat destruction in the Leard and Pilliga for coal and coal seam gas projects. by Callum Golding Why do we see our environment as something so separate from us? The cut off and isolated ego, motivated by self-gain is a

Being a political Dinosaur

Political decisions affect all of us As a very ex-politician I am now a self-styled dinosaur – I find it hard to understand the times we are in. I don’t tweet, blog or use Facebook so I am removed from the world of social media. I don’t even listen to the ‘wisdom’