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Jewish leader supports Pope’s call for climate action and critique of economic focus

Jenny Goldie continues the series of interviews with religious leaders on climate change, talking here with Jewish Rabbi Jonathan Keren-Black. Rabbi Jonathan Keren-Black joined a delegation of leaders from various faiths in Parliament House, Canberra, on 22 June in endorsing the Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si. Pope Francis had called for urgent

Two Fires burn brightly to honour poet Judith Wright

“Australian poet Judith Wright once famously advised her Nobel Prize-winning friend Patrick White not to get too involved in political activism because it might damage his art” (Sian Prior, Sydney Morning Herald, 16 March.2005). Fortunately for all of us, and especially the Braidwood organisers of the biennial Two Fires Festival,

Financially fit? Unfortunately not

The biggest issue facing Queanbeyan and Palerang residents  ratepayers this calendar year is the NSW government demand that councils show they are ‘fit for the future’. Preliminary reports of what a merger between Palerang and Queanbeyan would look like financially, and what each looks like alone, are not optimistic. According to

Queanbeyan Facebook site seeks support for EDE, attracts social media opposition, real story elsewhere: take it to council election?

Dear Editor Is this what community debate about the Ellerton Drive extension (EDE) has sunk to?  That question arose viewing the battle for ‘likes’ on the pro-EDE vs anti-EDE Facebook sites.   We’ve all heard about pages that have ‘gone viral’ because viewers have sent it onto friends who do like-wise and