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Letter: Monaro retains public poles and wires

Dear Editor Claims that I voted for the sale of the State’s Electricity Distribution assets as implied in Steve Whan’s NSW Capital Watch column (July 2014) are totally false. I was opposed to privatisation of the state’s electricity distribution assets and voted against it. Although the majority of my colleagues disagreed with

Letter: Allan Lehepuu mistaken on climate science

Dear Editor, Sadly, your correspondent Allan Lehepuu (Letters, August 2014) is mistaken. Firstly he asserts that a "pause" in warming has been recognised by leading climate scientists. This is not the case. There has been a slowing in the rate of SURFACE temperature rise, but the globe as a whole, land

Letter: Why did QCC remove Crawford St Grevillia?

On Thursday the 22nd May 2014 the healthy Grevillia sp, once growing in the Crawford St(west) beds were removed and replaced by Camellias sp. I would not have been so annoyed by this act if the plants had been diseased and or dying - but they were not. It is enough that

Letter: 2030 weather, here already?

Feed went with heat and evaporation 2030 weather, here already? Dear Editor As if last year's summer was not bad enough, we have had to endure almost constant heatwaves through this summer with very little rainfall to compensate for increased evaporation. Farmers and other residents have had to spend valuable time and effort

Letter: Is Queanbeyan Council interested in community views?

Dear Editor Community concerns sent to Queanbeyan City Council (QCC) about the harmful impacts to people and the environment from building the Ellerton Drive Extension (EDE) have been dismissed. The Council in August dismissed a community petition of 213 signatures tabled in July. Council also considered a report on the public consultation

Letter: Why R5 zoning for Palerang rural residential

 Dear Editor: May I make some comments on your article, Grazing rights, chinese whispers and local planning, in the April 2013 Bulletin. I do not agree the flyer to which you refer implied Council was on a stealth mission, nor was it written to suggest that. There were in fact 180 people at

Letter: Why E4 zoning for rural residential land

Dear Editor: What is the difference between the E4 and R5 zones as most appropriate for former 1(d) rural residential zone? Let’s start by recognising that nether the E4 nor R5 zone allows any form of agricultural activity, with or without consent in their standard form. Any such activities can, however, be