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Women in today’s military world

The role of women in today's military has taken huge strides from its beginnings in the world wars. Both professionally and personally, women now stand shoulder to shoulder with men in the three Services. Australian servicewomen are 16.2 per cent of the permanent full-time member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Christophe Gregoire at Le Très Bon restaurant

Christophe and Josephine following a cooking school event for young people at Le Très Bon   What attracts a person to a place? Its beauty? Historic buildings and cultural activities? The pace of life? A desire to connect to a community? For Christophe Gregoire, the answer is twofold: terroir – the taste of

Science, finding life ‘out there’ and Pinot Noir

With kangaroos grazing and boxing on a nearby hillside  and a wedge-tailed eagle cruising overhead,  astrophysicist and winemaker Brian Schmidt expands on mapping the southern skies and life out there, the state of science in Australia and how his Nobel Prize catapulted his well-regarded Pinot Noirs to ‘must have’ status. The