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Letter: Allan Lehepuu mistaken on climate science

Dear Editor,

Sadly, your correspondent Allan Lehepuu (Letters, August 2014) is mistaken. Firstly he asserts that a “pause” in warming has been recognised by leading climate scientists. This is not the case. There has been a slowing in the rate of SURFACE temperature rise, but the globe as a whole, land and sea, has continued to gain energy. That is, it’s getting warmer. The NOAA Global Analysis shows this very clearly, with June 2014 being the warmest June on record. (

Secondly, the fact that Allan has had a snowy morning in the Tinderry Mountains is hardly surprising. However no single weather event can be offered as evidence for climate change one way or the other. Climate scientists have indeed predicted less snow for Australia’s Alpine regions in coming decades. Maximum snow depth has already decreased by 10% in the high country, with predictions of up to 90%. A good overview is provided by Rachel Slatyer: Climate Change Impacts on Australia’s Alpine Ecosystems. (

I make no comment on Allan’s economic opinions, except to suggest that if he ignores science, his economic views are on a very weak foundation.

Yours, etc.

Nick Goldie

Michelago, NSW


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