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Palerang development control plans open for public comment

Palerang Council has prepared two draft Development Control Plans (DCPs) for public comment—one dealing with the unique requirements of the state heritage listed Braidwood Conservation Area, and the other with all other land in Palerang.

The plans draw together the 19 current DCPs into just two documents.

Together with the completed Local Environmental Plan (LEP), the DCPs guide all forms of development within a local government area. A DCP provides the detail of Council’s development polices, including those legislated with an LEP.

In explaining the role of the DCP, Palerang Council Director of Planning, John Wright offered an example. “While the LEP specifies matters such as the minimum lot size for a subdivision, or the maximum allowable height for a building, the DCP controls things like the orientation of lots, the position of buildings on a lot, setbacks from boundaries, preferred building materials and even the colour of buildings in certain circumstances.

While the DCPs contain a wide range of controls, covering everything from building design to advertising signage”, he continued, “they are intended to help people ensure that their developments are compliant with the range of State planning regulations and guidelines, not just those identified in the PLEP.”

The draft Development Control Plans will be on exhibition from Monday 2 March 2015 until the close of business Monday 13 April 2015. Copies will be on display in Council’s Braidwood and Bungendore offices, and can be downloaded from Council’s website. Hard copies, or a copy on CD can be obtained by contacting Council’s strategic planning staff.

Council to hold consultation evenings in March

Council will also hold two community consultation evenings to discuss the draft Plans. The first will be on 10 March 2015, at the Council Chambers, in Bungendore from 5.30 – 7.30 pm. The second will be on 17 March 2015, in the Braidwood Meeting Room, Park Lane, from 5.30 – 7.30 pm.

“The DCPs are substantial documents, covering a broad range of development considerations.” noted Cr Harrison, “I encourage residents to take the time to look over the draft documents, discuss the content with councillors or council staff, and consider making a written submission during the exhibition period. This will help to ensure that Council’s planning strategy accommodates as far as possible the views of the broader community.”

Any person may make a written submission to Council on the draft Palerang Development Control Plans during the public exhibition period.

Submissions should be posted to Palerang Council, PO Box 348, Bungendore NSW 2621, or emailed to

Enquiries relating to the draft Palerang Development Control Plans should be directed to Ms Sue Robb, Strategic Planning Co-ordinator, Telephone 1300 735 025 or 6238 8111 or by e-mail,

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