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The Hannah Cabinet is going home

See it now before it leaves in May

by Stan d’Argeavel

After nearly 4 years on display at Bungendore Wood Works Gallery, the Hannah Cabinet will leave Bungendore in early May bound for Lismore.

David Mac Laren and the staff of Bungendore Wood Works Gallery wish to pass on our sympathies to the people affected by the results of Cyclone Debbie; first and foremost to those families who lost loved ones and their homes and businesses in the tragedy.

But also to everybody in southern and central Queensland and north east New South Wales, who have experienced the trauma associated with the flooding, whether it be in a minor or major way.

This gallery’s association with Lismore residents Geoffrey and Rhonda Hannah and family has placed a permanent marker in our minds when we hear of approaching extreme weather events resulting in floods or fires that potentially threaten life, limb and property.

Australian craftsman Geoffrey Hannah’s masterpiece and near seven year labour of love will return home to its birthplace in his Lismore workshop in Northern NSW. The cabinet will then re-appear as the major exhibit in the new Lismore Regional Art Gallery set to open in September this year, barring any setbacks attributable to Debbie.

In hindsight it is more than likely a blessing that the Hannah Cabinet was on display here in Bungendore when Cyclone Debbie struck. Thankfully, when Geoff was stranded in Sydney and unable to get back to Lismore at the most critical point of the disaster, family, friends and neighbours managed to move Geoff’s wood and stone working equipment, tools and work in progress out of the reach of the flood waters.

Had the Cabinet been in Lismore, stored temporarily in Geoff’s workshop area, the job of achieving this minor miracle would have been made so much more difficult.

The cabinet, the fourth in a line of major works has 18 doors and 140 drawers and is made from 34 varieties of Australian and international timbers, 17 types of stone, semi- precious jewels and 23 carat gold gilding.

We wish to extend an invitation to all to visit Bungendore Wood Works Gallery between now and early May. This may be the last chance to view possibly this country’s most ambitious and valuable piece of furniture in the southern NSW and ACT regions. The Hannah Cabinet will remain on display in the Gallery foyer until early May 2017.

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