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The Turnbull Government playing with coal.

This is a government of cowards. It hit 47 degrees. Fires ravaged NSW. Our electricity network barely coped. And what did our Government do? Waved lumps of coal around in Parliament and giggled while everyday Australians prepared to fight savage bushfires and defend their homes.1 They couldn’t be more out of touch. It’s our job to make sure they know it. Chip in to kickstart an advertising campaign with this billboard? We’ll run ads like this in Turnbull’s electorate, on the highway between his offices in Sydney and Canberra, and every other spot we can find.

Government’s capitulation to the coal lobby is now complete. It has abandoned any pretence that it exists to represent us, and not its coal cartel donors. They’ve spent the last week running a cynical, full-scale attack on renewables with the Murdoch press. We found out they knew they’d been lying all along.2 They’re spilling over themselves to hand over a billion dollars for Adani’s Carmichael coal mine. They’re determined to cripple our renewable energy industry. They’re determined to build new coal-fired power stations while ignoring coal workers with Black Lung and wiping their hands clean of responsibility for the bushfires that tear through our communities. They have pledged their love of coal in every way possible. We need to fight. The message needs to come from all of us. No more coal. No more excuses. Chip in now to fight. I’ll chip in! This government’s sheer arrogance and callous disregard for all those suffering must mark a turning point for Australia. They have burned every chance to improve this country. They have shown us, emphatically and unambiguously, that they do not care. Time for things to change.

Sam R, for the GetUp team References

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