1080 poison kills guard dogs

LETHAL AND INHUMANE control of inconvenient wildlife (and its by-catch) is rife in Australia and regionally through government-sponsored campaigns that some people apply even in rural residential areas. 1080 is


Maths hard and boring? Not this way!

Bungendore School a winner MATHEMATICS IS A subject that has been getting unfairly treated, says Brent Hughes, former teacher and Teacher Educator for Matific maths education program. Despite what you might


Koala-detecting dogs sniff out flaws in Australia‘s threatened species protection

IN A COUNTRY like Australia — a wealthy, economically and politically stable nation with multiple environmental laws and comparatively effective governance – the public could be forgiven for assuming that

Snake saved from wok ring: all wildlife precious

Winter hibernation for reptiles explained By Merran Laver AS YOU MAY know, over the cold months our scaly reptilian friends go into a long sleep called ‘brumation’. They do this so that