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Eden Monaro Mike Kelly MP

More money for schools: Labor promise

Funding possible by closing loopholes for corporate tax dodgers OUR LOCAL PUBLIC schools will be almost $20 million better off under a Shorten Labor Government — we have committed to


QPRC okays $100,000 special interest consultancy

IN OCTOBER the QPRC council majority, team Overall plus Councillors Hicks and Schweikert, appointed a consultancy to again look at the E4 zone approved by Palerang and the NSW state.



A man and a piano in the Thai jungle are bringing peace to tortured elephants

Sick, elderly elephants benefit from calm classical music. IT’S LIKE SOMETHING out of a major motion picture, but it’s 100 percent real. This British pianist has some seriously big fans in


Drought victim!

Do you know how difficult it is to remove eel slime from your hands? On my walk yesterday afternoon (Tues 6 Nov 2018), I skirted the waterholes, now mud holes, in