The Long Read


Why can’t Australia have a mature policy on climate action and fossil fuels?

An extract from Maria Taylor’s 2014 book (Global warming and Climate change: what Australia knew and buried … then framed a new reality for the public) explains the political rejection


Kitchen Goddesses refound

Exploring two amazing lives The lives and works of Elizabeth David and MFK Fisher are revisited by Nick Goldie. Nick’s interest in both good eating and food writing resides in his



‘Only the tip of the iceberg’: Australia’s island paradise polluted by plastic

Tonnes of plastic waste pollute Cocos Island beaches, and what you see is only a fragment A remote tropical island paradise off the coast of Western Australia in the Indian Ocean

Australian biodiversity

Australia’s biodiversity at breaking point — a picture essay

Land clearing, deforestation, emissions, drought and warming oceans are all worsening the attack on Australia’s threatened species. By Alexandra Spring and Carly Earl, The Guardian > READ THE FULL STORY HERE.  IMAGERY: Screen