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‘Tis the season to strengthen our Capital to Coast links after horror year THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS are here already! After the year we’ve all had, this important break takes on new


Fences — dangers of barbed wire fences to wildlife

The barking owl, above, had to be euthanased after its wing was snagged on the barbed wire fence (Wildlife Care NT). The rescue prompted the animal welfare organisation to issue a

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Peta Credlin: The ABC is “pretending to be journalism”

Sky News commentator Peta Credlin just accused the ABC of “pretending to be journalism”.1 SHE BLAMED THE ABC’s reporting on “climate change” and “systemic racism” as the reason people are losing

Biden-letter-Photo_Adrienne Wallace_Dreamstime

After the election of Joe Biden in the United States, 5 Nov 2020

I AM HAPPY as a clam but disturbed that basically no (now just a few) Republican senators had the decency to extend a congratulations. The sad thing about this election is that