Canberra: UK tourist views, Kangaroo culling

JENNY ELLIOT is a UK resident who has held peaceful vigils outside the Australian Embassy in London, hoping to educate prospective tourists about Australia’s culling of our kangaroos. She recently visited


Uber set for Supreme Court showdown with taxi industry

IT’S NOT NEWS that taxi drivers and hire care companies around the country are unhappy at the disruption of their livelihoods by Uber — a development that is not playing



The Australians who pioneered self-sufficiency, generations before Nimbin

THE TERM “self-sufficiency” commonly evokes images of communes, yurts and 1970s hippies, most likely living off the land in northern New South Wales. More recently, it has been linked to


I’ve always wondered: how do cyclones get their names?

IN THE AUSTRALIAN region, the Bureau of Meteorology gives tropical cyclones their name. You can write to the Bureau of Meteorology to suggest a cyclone name, but it is likely