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Quiet Canberrans no more: residents demand respect, kindness for wildlife

EIGHT HUNDRED and fifty three Canberrans hand-signed a call for an independent review of the capital's  annual persecution of the animal that holds up one half of the national coat of arms,


Bulletin congratulates McBain on regional ministry spot

KRISTY MCBAIN WON re-election with a confidence vote of close to 60% from her Eden-Monaro constituents. A bellwether electorate high point. Her Labor peers have thanked her, amongst a swag



Think most venomous snakes don’t climb? Think again.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Australian snakes that can lead to potentially dangerous false identifications. ONE MYTH THAT still gets brought up from time-to-time is that most venomous snakes don't climb

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There’s an unwanted bulldozer for sale on Gumtree if you’re interested

There’s an outdated, unwanted, coal-fired bulldozer being sold for parts on Gumtree. The listing reads: This is an outdated piece of demolition machinery and is being sold for scrap. Would be perfect if you


Call to electrify all transport

THIS MORNING THE editor of The Conversation — that freely shares academic findings with Australians — wrote: “So far, none of our largest political parties has focused on electrifying our