Want to know more about regional covid numbers?

IN MID-JANUARY the local government areas in southern NSW posted a rise in regional Covid-19 case numbers with the official numbers confirming anecdotal talk about a noteworthy incidence of case


Regional music festivals to dispel pandemic blues

District Bulletin contributor Tracey Hardacre alerted us and started this report of ‘must do’ musical events coming up in the first half of 2022. Good therapy after the isolation and lockdowns

Editorial / Opinion

Omicron credit_Peter Doherty Institute of Infection and Immunity

EXPERT REACTION: Omicron is soaring, but what about the next variant?

“With COVID-19, the next Variant of Concern (VOC) could be just around the corner. In the same way that the world was so focused on Delta that Omicron's emergence took us


Progress needed on Floodplain Harvesting

A PARLIAMENTARY COMMITTEE has detailed a number of ways to reform floodplain harvesting in NSW. NSW Farmers President James Jackson said even small steps towards evidence-based regulation of floodplain harvesting were