QPRC councillors may ask for 27.8% rate rise at Oct 13 meeting (UPDATE Oct 14)

Foreshadowing an upcoming Bulletin indepth look at the financial situation of Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council (QPRC) — along with highlighting proposed NSW rate changes affecting local government areas — here

NSW logging native forests

Your governments at work: habitat clearing; carbon credits

Private land key to habitats, biodiversity, but laissez-faire government in no hurry THE NATURE CONSERVATION COUNCIL of NSW reports that a new government scheme to protect high-conservation-value areas outside national parks is welcome but leaves thousands of

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Sharing our land

IN MEMORIUM THIS WINTER REALLY knocked the old ones. A relentlessly wet and cold winter in the range country surrounding the national capital. We hadn’t experienced weather like this in a

feeding pets roo meat

Feeding kangaroo to your pets? Here are some thoughts.

Why do people expect to feed their dogs or cats on Australian wildlife, specifically kangaroo? Are they informed consumers? ... aware of the unavoidable cruelty that goes with this trade