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2017/18 Bush fire danger period starting

What you shouldn’t be doing on high fire danger days

The statutory Bush Fire Danger Period commenced on Sunday, 1 October, 2017. The NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) is reminding residents that fire permits are required during the this period. Residents must also give the NSW RFS and their neighbours 24 hours’ notice prior to burning.

People wishing to light a fire in the open will require a permit, which is free and can be obtained from your local fire station or Fire Control Centre.

“When conditions are particularly bad, such as on days of Severe, Extreme or Catastrophic Fire Danger, the NSW RFS may declare a Total Fire Ban.

On a day of Total Fire Ban the lighting of fires is prohibited. This includes cooking fires using incinerators and barbecues which burn solid fuel, such as wood or charcoal.

It also prohibits the outdoor use of certain power tools like grinders.

Fires can also be started by motor vehicles, including trail bikes, in dry grass.

Further information is published at
Local residents can call their Fire Control Centre on (02) 6128 0600 or the Bushfire Information Line on 1800 NSW RFS (1800 679 737).

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