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Abolition of road safety tribunal for truckies

With an election looming, the office of sitting member for Eden- Monaro Peter Hendy has suddenly become visible with a tide of press releases.  In this one, Dr Hendy explains why he supports the abolition of the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT).

There is an argument from observers who are not just Labor operatives or union officials that the RSRT is aimed at paying truck drivers good wages and stipulating conditions so drivers are discouraged from pushing their time and capacity or speed on the road to earn more contract payments. There were some 300 road deaths last year due to collisions with truckies. Owner drivers would be affected by some aspects such as conditions.

Says Dr Hendy: “The Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal, which had nothing to do with driver safety, was crippling small businesses and family businesses across Eden-Monaro.

“Tens of thousands of owner truck drivers, many of whom have taken out mortgages to buy their trucks, faced being driven out of business by the RSRT.”

Dr Hendy said common sense and fairness had prevailed with the Turnbull Coalition Government’s bill to abolish the RSRT that passed through the Senate.

“Despite voicing their concerns and appealing for assistance, owner-drivers were ignored by the Labor Party, ignored by the Greens, and ignored by the Transport Workers Union.

“We rely on small business operators such as the owner-drivers across Australia who are the lifeblood of our transportation industry and the backbone of our economy. We are the parties of small business and always will be.”

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