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ACT–NSW cross-border urbanisation, public meeting 24 Feb


YASS VALLEY LANDOWNERS near the ACT–NSW border are caught in planning discussion and decisions between the NSW Government, and the Yass Valley Council (YVC).

The NSW government wants urban development along the border (see South East and Tablelands Regional Plan) but the YVC policy (see Yass Valley Settlement Strategy) is to freeze development in this 5km wide area for 20 years to make it easier to resume the land for urban development (means less landholders to deal with and assessing our land at rural use values only).

MAP-ACT-NSW-BORDERIt is also possible the YVC will swap the land for permanent ACT water access for Murrumbidgee and Yass. The losers are the landowners within 5km of the ACT-NSW border and the broader community.

Some landowners formed CCEPL (Capital Country Estate = Capital as close to ACT, Country as being focused on rural, environmental and social aspects; and Estate = (y)our properties) to have a say ourselves.

A recent discussion with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment in Queanbeyan indicated that this area will be urbanised. Our (CCEPL) current vision for the area along the border is a low-density rural-residential zone that would focus on the environment, heritage, economic and social benefits consistent with peri-urban developments around other cities.

No consultation

The landowners along the NSW–ACT border have not been consulted on any of these decisions regarding our land. The ACT is conflicted about wanting to protect nature reserves, retaining the rural landscape as well as having a seamless transition to rural NSW landscapes at the same time agreeing it should be urbanised. It is “our homes, our land and our future” that’s being impacted, Hands OFF.

Help us further develop this vision. So we can have a serious involvement in any decisions made about our land, our homes and our future — We are forming a not-for-profit association to better reflect our ideals for this area.

See website for more details and map.

A public meeting will be held on
Sunday 24 February at 4pm (16:00) in the Sutton Hall.

IMAGES: Cartoon, map supplied by author; cartoon colourisation (and inclusion of sheep) by Sue Van Homrigh, with apologies to cartoonist.

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