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Adani caught drilling, clearing

Adani open letter AYCC

BREAKING NEWS: Adani has been caught starting work at the Carmichael mine site, illegally and without consent from Traditional Owners.

— Australian Youth Climate Coalition wants to stop them

ADANI HAS STARTED drilling bores into the Great Artesian Basin and clearing land to make way for their climate-disaster coal mine.

The ‘Stop Adani’ movement has hi-res drone footage and photo evidence that Adani have started work at the mine site.

As young people fighting for climate justice, we are DONE with Adani breaking our laws and trampling the rights of the Wangan & Jagalingou Traditional Owners, who have repeatedly said ‘no’ to Adani. We are done with companies like Adani putting Queensland’s land, water and climate at risk, all for short-term corporate profits.

Adani have yet again recklessly breached Australian laws. They have a long history of questionable behaviour here and overseas, including breaching its pollution licence at Abbot Point Coal Terminal. With both major parties still supporting this coal mine, and the LNP making sure we have literally no Federal climate policy, it’s urgent we take bold action now.

It’s time for our leaders to do their job and stop Adani to protect our environment and our future. Volunteers are on the ground talking to their communities, putting the pressure on MPs and showing that Adani can’t be trusted — please join them by putting your hand up to volunteer and stop Adani.

Together we will do everything we can to stop any work from proceeding any further.

— Gemma, for the AYCC and Seed Team
IMAGERY: supplied by AYCC


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