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Nationals want coal — ‘no’ to Snowy Hydro (renewables, jobs)

Eden Monaro Mike Kelly MP

I WAS SHOCKED and appalled to hear the comments by former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, calling for the abandonment of the Snowy Hydro 2.0 project in favour of building more coal-fired power stations.

This is particularly worrying, given recent reports about Mr Joyce’s ambitions to return to National Party Leader by the end of this year — would the abandonment of Snowy 2.0 form part of the next secret Coalition agreement?

This ideological approach to our national energy policy is not only causing high power bills, it is also putting thousands of potential jobs in our region at risk.

Mr Joyce’s suggestion that $4.5 billion should be diverted to these coal-fired power stations also demonstrates just how ignorant he is. He doesn’t even know that the financing for Snowy 2.0 will be private. To be very clear, Snowy Hydro is raising that money themselves.

The fact is that the Marsden Jacobs & Associates’ Snowy 2.0 feasibility study says the project only stacks up economically if we commit to an ambitious renewable energy target — like Labor’s renewable energy target.

The difference between Labor and the Coalition is clear: we’re for more renewables, more local jobs and cheaper power. They’re for expensive new coal, fewer local jobs and higher power prices.

— Posted 19 Oct 2018

Aged-care crisis hurting our Senior Citizens

108,000 older Australians waiting for home care.

THE LATEST DATA on the waiting list for home care packages reveals there are now 108,000 older Australians waiting for care.

This includes more than 88,000 older Australians waiting with high needs, many with dementia and many who have waited up to a year.

It is now abundantly clear why the Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care, Ken Wyatt, deliberately delayed the release of this data for months – older Australians continue to wait for the home care they need.

Since the first release of data, the waiting list for home care has grown from 88,000 older Australians to 108,000 nationally.

As the list grows longer fresh stories emerge daily. I continue to be contacted by older residents all across Eden-Monaro who are waiting longer and longer for the home care package they have been assigned.

At my recent Aged Care community forum in Merimbula, more than 50 people turned up to complain about the increasing My Aged Care waiting list and the problems they are having getting the money they need to stay at home.

The Government needs to apologise for overpromising and under delivering to older Australians who are waiting years for the care they need.

— Posted 26 Sept 2018


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