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Australian wildlife holocaust with fires and govt policies



AFTER SPENDING MOST of the Christmas break talking to wildlife carers in NSW, Queensland and South Australia, it’s very apparent we’re witnessing a deliberate calculated effort by governments to ensure the genocide of our unique, irreplaceable defenceless wildlife.

There’s simply zero attention on the holocaust of bushfire, drought and climate change impacts. Scientists estimate almost 500 million animals have been destroyed by the fires which keep breaking out… destroying everything in their destructive path.

No moratoriums on logging, or the commercial slaughter of kangaroos, no halting of massive urban projects wiping out more habitat. No emergency upgrading of legal protection for koalas and other wildlife struggling to survive.

Has anyone seen Morrison, Palaczszuk, Berejiklian, Marshall out with the volunteers rescuing burned dehydrated animals? Or in the shelters cleaning up shit?

Koala Crisis (KC) has always focused on koalas but today it’s about what’s happening to our kangaroos, their joeys, our wallabies, the bats dying in their thousands and thousands, the forest and river creatures, the birds of the air.

A friend reported that bushfires usually burn out the top 15 cm of grass and soil. But the intensity of these fires has, in some places, burned out down through two metres of the earth creating a crematorium for insects, worms, beetles, grubs, critters that turn the soil and help keep forests thriving.

Not one carer KC has spoken to has seen bees, insects, grubs, worms, snails, beetles, millipeds, for months. Nothing struggles through the dustbowls which are now covering millions of hectares in all states. There’s no grass for the ‘roos, no insects for the birds, the leaves on eucalypts are brittle ensuring starvation for koalas, gliders, possums, birds, insects.

One carer who lives near Yangan on Queensland’s Southern Downs told KC about nearby fires that burned for 9 long weeks across thousands and thousands of hectares wiping wildlife, birds, all living creatures. Because the forested areas were difficult to access by ground, aircraft dropping fire retardant and water were desperately needed. The Queensland government refused to allow aircraft to extinguish the fire because “it was too expensive”.

NSW and Queensland governments continue to allow logging in remaining forests, in NSW primary koala habitat is being cleared. Forests are our rain-makers.

In the states where kangaroos are eking out an existence, the commercial industry is busy shooting the ‘roos “as normal”. In South Australia, the government has allowed wallabies to be shot to make up the quotas the industry requires as the kangaroos slowly disappear.

In some areas, according to sources, property owners are entrapping kangaroos in fenced areas leaving them to die of starvation and water. Or they bring in shooters who wipe out everything.

Koalas are being euthanized when they could be saved. KC can’t go into the details of where this is happening but it’s not confined to one organisation. A source has also told KC that semen is being taken from male koalas.

What kind of professionals do this ? In the name of science ? Where are we living ? In Auschwitz ? Gathering genetic material from suffering animals is obscene and no guarantee of any future survival.

The next generation is lost. Without good feed, wildlife and farm animals stop breeding.

Then there’s a smorgasbord of wildlife scams out there, enticing people to donate. And people are donating, all over the world, because there’s massive global concern over what’s happening in Australia.

Think about who you donate funds to.

Is the appeal coming from a registered legitimate incorporated association, a registered charity ? How are donations spent, where, when, what amount goes to administration?

Millions of dollars raised will not address the only possible solutions. The acquisition of habitat, immediate legal protection of functioning ecosystems, forests and grasslands where decent populations of wildlife can survive.

Yes, there’s a desperate need for water stations everywhere wildlife still exist.

Food supplies, medications are needed. Kangaroos are covered in ticks, koalas are stick thin, making their way to suburbs to beg for water. Volunteers are needed to find any healthy eucalypts so leaves can be gathered for food.

And what are our governments doing?

In NSW, the New Years Eve fireworks will go ahead. Never mind the firey who died today or the people who lost their lives on the south coast.

Hey, there’s money to be made.

Let your New Year’s Eve resolution be a vow.

A promise to do whatever you can to help wildlife. Plant trees, contact your nearest wildlife carer organisation to volunteer, do wildlife care training, write, email, telephone your local state and federal members and let them know there’ll be no votes for them unless the loss of Australia’s wildlife is an urgent primary policy item.

What’s the most important way to save our wildlife? We need to get rid of these dreadful governments for starters; to bring in laws that ensure protection of remaining habitat and repeal the death sentences which current laws represent.

We need to buy up habitat and protect it in perpetuity. (More information on this potential project in the New Year).

If the drought and bushfires continue every single animal is precious, a genetic treasure and hope for the future.

Most of all, don’t let us lose the Soul of our country. We are the line in the sand.

There’s no time to waste.

To a merciful, compassionate New Year!

IMAGE: Sourced from full page advertisement published in Morrison’s electorate, 11 December 2019.

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