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Australian Youth Climate Coalition petitions Labor to act on Adani

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Adani is closer than ever to financing the Carmichael coal mine and railway.

This is scary news for all of us. It shows that, left unchecked, Adani has the power to get this giant, dirty coal mine off the ground. [1]

Our political leaders must do their jobs, stand up to wealthy corporations, and protect our future. It’s the only way to stop this mine for good. This moment is the perfect opportunity for Labor to show us they are committed to climate action by stopping Adani’s mine.

We can’t risk Adani funding their own toxic coal mine. Sign the petition now and demand that Labor commit to stopping the mine for good.

By failing to stand up and stop Adani, our political leaders are denying us the right to a safe and healthy future. Bill Shorten has said he wants to protect our future from climate change, yet the Labor Party have fallen short on actions to stop Adani. That’s why we’re collecting 100,000 signatures from people across the country to show Labor the strength of our movement to stop Adani and tackle climate change.

100,000 signatures will show a huge social mandate for action to stop Adani.  Add your name today and make it possible.

Over the past few years, we’ve had some incredible wins in the fight to stop new coal mines and fast track a renewable energy future. Together, we’ve made sure the big four Australian banks and the Queensland government felt the pressure to rule out funding for Adani’s mine. Now it’s time to put the final nail in the coffin of the Adani project by getting a commitment from our Federal politicians to stop the mine for good.

AYCC volunteers have spent this year meeting with leaders from both major parties and putting Adani in the national spotlight. With Malcolm Turnbull’s Coalition government refusing to budge on their support for Adani, we’ve got to show Bill Shorten and the Labor party the strength of public support for them to come out against the mine.

Add your name to our petition today and show Bill Shorten the urgency and strength of the movement to stop Adani.

Our campaign to stop Adani and move Australia beyond coal has united people around the country. Now is the time to demonstrate the people power on our side, and make sure our politicians listen.  Take the first step and sign our petition now.  

Let’s keep up the fight.

— Gemma for the AYCC and Seed team


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