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Australian Youth Climate Coalition: why strike for the climate

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Young people lead for a liveable planet. Reserve 20 September.

letter-icon-nov2018I’M GOING TO be honest with you. The re-election of a government seemingly on-call for powerful fossil fuel corporations shook me. Deeply. 

So when I heard that in September, world leaders are meeting in New York for a UN Climate Action Summit, I thought to myself, “We’ve been here before”. We’ve all felt this and questioned why we’re fighting for climate justice at all.

Not the student strikers — they’re calling BS. They’re not waiting politely for leaders to change the system. By striking, they’re forcing leaders to listen. And it’s time for everyone to join in.

By stepping up and striking with the students, you’ll be speaking up for a society which works for people and planet. A society which centres the voices and visions of frontline communities in building climate solutions. Where rural communities flourish, rather than be ravaged by drought. Where workers are valued, not exploited by greedy corporations. And where young people define our future.

But striking will only work if we go all in. Together. Can we count on you?

YES! I’ll you join students and workers in solidarity on September 20

What we have now, in the leadership of the students, is a global movement of young people focused on climate justice. And by striking together, we’ll be stopping our cities and our towns and give politicians no choice but to follow us, instead of siding with greedy fossil fuel corporations profiting from climate damage.

And now is more important than ever. The strike is happening on September 20, just three days before the UN meeting, and the school strikers have organised and campaigned to build massive power and now we’re all invited, and we’re all needed.

In March, 1.6 million people went on strike, globally. This time, with the help of the Union Movement, the students are doubling it, and they need all of us. We can’t leave them hanging.

— Olivia for AYCC.

IMAGE: Climate Action protest, Canberra, early 2019. Maria Taylor.

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