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Sometimes I need sleeping pills. Why can‘t I ask for them?


Doctors shouldn’t be consigning their patients to one kind of hell in order to avoid another SOMETIMES I CAN’T sleep. I have nightmares. I’m woken by the sound of a slurred shout before I realise I’m making it, then toss around in increasingly frustrated rearrangements of sheets and limbs until 5am. Bad

1080 poison kills guard dogs


LETHAL AND INHUMANE control of inconvenient wildlife (and its by-catch) is rife in Australia and regionally through government-sponsored campaigns that some people apply even in rural residential areas. 1080 is banned around the world except for a handful of countries and Australia and New Zealand top the list of users

Across the radar: neologism contest


ONCE AGAIN The Washington Post has published the winning submissions to its yearly neologism contest, in which readers are asked to supply alternative meanings for common words. The winners are: 1. Coffee (n): the person upon whom one coughs. 2. Flabbergasted (adj): appalled over how much weight you have gained. 3. Abdicate (v):