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‘They killed my best friend for supper!’


Gunda, the farmyard film that could put you off eating meat for ever A SOW, TWO cows and a one-legged chicken are the stars of Victor Kossakovsky’s unique documentary, which Hollywood’s most famous vegan, Joaquin Phoenix, has helped to get the audience it deserves. When Victor Kossakovsky was four, his parents sent

The press conference as blood sport

Naomi_Osaka-cr_ Zhukovsky_Dreamstime

YOUNG ATHLETES ARE expected to answer the most intimate questions in a cynical and often predatory environment. On Monday night, after being fined and threatened with expulsion, Osaka quit the tournament altogether. Meanwhile her stance has been universally scorned by the print media, who as we know have traditionally been the

Living in Australia near bush? Save this.


The West Australian bushfires have reminded everyone living on peri-urban hobby blocks or otherwise near the Australian bush that the increased fire dangers with climate change stay with us.  The ABC put together this handy illustrated reminder list to keep with your bushfire  preparation file. If defending your home: you will

Footballer David Pocock moves from protest to lead


TWO MONTHS after retiring from rugby, celebrated former Wallaby David Pocock has taken his first formal role in climate activism by joining the board of an anti-fossil fuel activist group, the Lock the Gate alliance. The appointment will spur conjecture Mr Pocock is eyeing a future political career — which he