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Beauty among the thorns

Beauty among the thorns: a male Superb Fairy-wren lands briefly on old blackberry canes in between foraging. They are active and flit about seeking insects and sometimes fruitlets. All members gather food and bring it to the growing nestlings until they fledge, when the dominant male and unattached adults take

Australian Magpie-Lark

Australian Magpie-Lark (Mudlark, Peewee, Peewit): The 'Peewee' is widespread throughout Australia. They need trees for roosting, pasture to seek for insects and a water source which also provides mud for building their nests. They patrol the edges of water sources, picking up insects and larvae and whatever else they can

23 species of freshwater turtle in Australia

Whenever I go near to the dam where the turtle is in residence, the turtle pops up to observe, floating on the surface of the water for many minutes. Interest by both parties, observed and observer and I am not sure which is which but it is a delight. "Australia is

Science by observation on the farm

How do kangaroos and other wildlife contribute to soil health, biodiversity, native grasses? “We deal with numerous complexities, many of our own making. We have come to believe in our ‘managements’, but some turn out to be mismanagements.” Carol Lynn, regional landholder, naturalist and photographer, provided this report WE HAVE COME to believe

Australian Swallow

Welcome Swallow: Hirundo neoxena (other names: Australian Swallow, House Swallow): The swallow builds a cup-shaped mud nest in open sheds, under eaves and anywhere it can attach the nest and have shelter. Seeing any nests brings to mind the work involved for the birds. Their beaks are small and carrying

Duck parents and duckling

Wood duck (Maned Duck, Mained Goose): they mate for life. Breeding occurs in spring and its onset is said to depend on rain. Ducklings are led to water on emergency. When disturbed, the the mother flaps her wings and heads off in the opposite direction to distract the perceived threat. If they are not