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Lies and hiding the facts: Coalition climate policy


SENIOR MINISTERS CONTINUE to falsely claim that emissions are going down and that our Paris targets will be met, says a Climate Council report. The report exposes how the Federal Government has gone to extraordinary lengths to keep the public in the dark on climate change. “I think most Australians would be outraged

While Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions rise

Paris December 2015 climate protest

Angus Taylor's misleading comments THE CLIMATE COUNCIL is calling on the Federal Energy Minister, Angus Taylor to stop making misleading comments about Australia meeting its Paris climate targets. Mr Taylor keeps saying Australia will meet its targets seven years ahead of schedule. He did it again on Radio National Breakfast this morning,

Good news for Christmas, we need it!

renewable feast Climate Council Australia

A feast of renewables in business THE INDEPENDENT CLIMATE Council reports that 40,000 Australian businesses have made the switch to renewable energy — among them many food and beverage producers. “Our report is a festive feast of renewables. Savvy consumers can now buy sourdough baguettes, marinated goats’ cheese, dates, avocados and chocolates