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Nature Matters


ONE OF THE last, and perhaps most controversial actions of the Eurobodalla Shire Council before it goes into caretaker mode, [related to council elections in early December] was the adoption of a zoning plan made by a previous council decades ago. This old plan advocates the destruction of a large area of Dalmeny bushland for housing

Care for the Earth, respect the land — timeless message


IN A HISTORIC assembly coinciding with recent extreme climate events, Aborigines from the Yuin Nation came to Tilba at the foot of Gulaga mountain to take part in a Bunaan or dance corroboree. They came from all over NSW and Victoria to strengthen their ties with their culture and traditions, and

Pastoral revival, the Wooleen Way

DAVID POLLARD, PASTORALIST and author of The Wooleen Way has joined a growing number of regenerative farmers including the Monaro’s Charles Massy (Call of the Reed Warbler) showing the way toward a different compact with the nature of Australia. They say it is high time if farming and grazing in this

Australian dingoes: cull, contain or conserve


IN SEPTEMBER of this year I attended an exciting day-long forum held by the Royal Zoological Society of NSW in the Taronga Institute of Learning building in Sydney (approximately 20 years since the first one on this topic). The day was structured around a sequence of broad topics: from the features

Cry for the Voiceless


I SHARE THE Bulletin’s concern over the reaction of our newly elected leaders to the vegan protests which committed the grievous crime of holding up traffic, and trespassing on farms and slaughter houses in order to expose the ghastly practices carried on there. It is very disheartening when the Minister for Agriculture

Postponement of HuntFest


Was it pushed, or did it jump? THE SOUTH COAST Hunters Club states that: “Due to conflicting commitments of exhibitors the HuntFest committee has decided to postpone Huntfest for 2019. The committee is resolved to only hold the highest quality expo and this was not achievable this year. The committee is very

Protect the Dingo, beloved totem


This is a follow-up to Susan’s informative piece on dingos last year. Herewith, more background and latest information on what is happening to this persecuted native species — a strong totem animal for many indigenous people; an important part of the natural ecosystem; and dear to most dog lovers. THE DINGO

Hunting like a Teddy Bear’s Picnic?


HuntFest: undemocratic Eurobodalla history THE EUROBODALLA SHIRE Council has ignored or trivialised community attitudes towards the leasing of land in the heart of Narooma to the local Shooters Club  for the purpose of a HuntFest. There was very little initial publicity and people who were alarmed by the decision in 2012 to