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Cabsav – A happily blended family

Wine chat with Corrina Baird Cabernet sauvignon is a happy blended family of grapes – but it happened all by itself. Back in the 1600s, the cabernet Franc and sauvignon blanc had a dangerous liaison in Bordeaux and produced a child. If someone had not thoughtfully taken a cutting, this would

Pinot Gris – grey is the new white

Wine chat with Corrina Baird (a Contentious Character) Sometimes it seems as though a trend finds its way into many different aspects of everyday life. A case in point is grey. We seem to be surrounded by grey: new grey houses, sleek grey cars, blank grey walls, silver grey technologies. Now

Riesling – Let the grapes do the talking

Riesling is a white variety of grape sadly misunderstood in Australia. Many would remember Riesling in cheap casks at kitchen parties, that sweet stuff known as ‘hock’ or what we had to drink before chardonnay and sauvignon blanc came along. In fact, Riesling is one of the oldest grape varieties around

Pinot noir – pining for a glass?

Hereby introducing a new column for our region’s many fine-wine lovers and discussers. We’re lucky to have met Corinna Baird, associated with Wamboin’s newly re-opened winery/cafe Contentious Character (nee Lambert Vineyards). She will bring us more wine news and discussion in the coming months. We start with that international favourite