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Canberra: UK tourist views, Kangaroo culling


JENNY ELLIOT is a UK resident who has held peaceful vigils outside the Australian Embassy in London, hoping to educate prospective tourists about Australia’s culling of our kangaroos. She recently visited Canberra again (seen above, pictured by Crystal Bevan) to raise her voice against the kangaroo culling happening in the ACT

Therapy with horses staged in Carwoola

equine therapy Tracey Durr of Carwoola

Amazing results The Bulletin’s roving reporter Crystal Bevan has followed her visit with the Pegasus riding program for disabled children with a look at a local business applying the equally interesting concept of equine therapy. She finds there are a range of mental health and personal growth issues experienced by people,

Pegasus horse-riding puts smiles on all faces

Jordan Thomas, Pegasus Riding for the Disabled

By Crystal Bevan. “HORSE. FUN”, a little girl is using a communication device, an iPhone around her neck, to vocalize her excitement. She is disabled and is about to commandeer an animal over three times her size. She is assisted by ‘side walkers’, volunteers who walk alongside the horse to help