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Farmers roll up to Parliament in climate change action

Australian farmer for Climate Change go to Parliament House

‘Farmers for Climate Action’ came to the Australian Parliament in late November with the outcomes of their national survey of 1338 Australian farmers, conducted over the last two months. The survey returned a 90 percent response of concern about the impact of climate change. Eden-Monaro representative Mike Kelly met with some

Burglary in Burra – BE AWARE and ALERT

A house on Williamsdale Rd Burra was broken into on Friday. They smashed the front door in with a sledge hammer and took tv's, laptops, portable A/C, power tools and other goods they could take in a hurry. The cat who is strictly an indoor cat, Burmese cross, is missing. We're

Two children aged 12 arrested over the Queanbeyan Industrial fire

Shortly before 10am on Sunday 20 November, police and emergency services were called to Stephens Road, Queanbeyan, following reports of a large industrial fire. Emergency services attended and evacuated over 20 people from several adjoining businesses. Residential properties were not affected by the fire and no persons reported injury. Fire & Rescue

Landcare still going strong after 30 years

Soil carbon: its role in climate change mitigation? Six hundred people from around Australia gathered in Melbourne in September for the annual National Landcare Conference. This is its thirtieth year, former Victorian Premier (and now the late) Joan Kirner having launched the first Landcare group – Winjallock on ‘Stricta Hill’ –

Happy ending for Jerra the Black Swan

by Philip Machin for Wildcare Wildcare gets many orphaned and injured animals coming through the door. They are all very special in their own way – ranging from venomous snakes, scaly shinglebacks, flying foxes only a mother could love, nervous roos, squawking magpies and cuddly baby wombats. But some animals take your