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Bushfire response: aid for local wildlife clinic


SOUTHERN CROSS WILDLIFE Hospital outside Braidwood received much-needed state government assistance to expand facilities following the recent bushfires. Here Dr Howard Ralph, the hospital’s veterinarian, outlines the help received from the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and what that means for our local wildlife patients. He writes: “As part of the

Coal mine that destroyed state forest gets more NSW approval


In March 2016, we (the District Bulletin) published “Special Report: The Destruction of the Leard and threat to the Pilliga concerns everyone”. This report documented the environmental vandalism and crony politics associated with the Whitehaven coal mine established in northern NSW. The following update from The Guardian about a mine

Co-existence with our wildlife, in any backyard


PEOPLE ARE SHARING off YouTube a series of delightful home videos featuring young magpies who have adopted families and individuals. Dogs also feature and there is a lot of fun with the playful magpies. The videos are said to have brought enjoyment worldwide to audiences anxious with human society and

Queanbeyan–Palerang Council first three months


But first a NEWSFLASH from Bulletin editorial desk: A rail trail from Bungendore to Captains Flat on the old railway line between the two towns gained in-principle support from Queanbeyan–Palerang Regional Council at its 23 March meeting. This was a major breakthrough for the regional residents who have worked on

Federal election in May: Time for change?


A DETAILED PROGRAM for ‘fixing’ aged care in Australia and paying aged care workers properly; boosting childcare affordability; fighting for fair wages across the board; climate change action headed by a focus on renewable energy to make Australia a standout renewables economy (that also offers a mass of new jobs); a return to

Knock-on effects come into focus

IN EARLY MARCH 2022 mainstream news reports focused on flood victims and gave scant attention to extreme weather elsewhere and the knock-on effects of flooding along Australia’s extended trucking supply lines for food and other products. Here’s a taste from our colleague Sue in North Queensland: … Our food supply was improving

Greens candidate and priorities


Greens in Monaro (Braidwood, Queanbeyan-Monaro and Snowy-Monaro Greens) selected Braidwood Greens member, artist, and one-time Palerang councillor, Catherine Moore to contest the February 12 by-election. Priorities for The Greens’ campaign include: Health care, in particular — nursing /hospital staff levels /doctors/ and the mess of the vaccination rollout;The lack of affordable

Want to know more about regional covid numbers?


IN MID-JANUARY the local government areas in southern NSW posted a rise in regional Covid-19 case numbers with the official numbers confirming anecdotal talk about a noteworthy incidence of case numbers in Queanbeyan Palerang. Rapid-antigen test self-reporting was not yet included. On 15 January the SNSWLHD posted the following numbers on