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Your governments at work: habitat clearing; carbon credits

NSW logging native forests

Private land key to habitats, biodiversity, but laissez-faire government in no hurry THE NATURE CONSERVATION COUNCIL of NSW reports that a new government scheme to protect high-conservation-value areas outside national parks is welcome but leaves thousands of hectares of wildlife habit unprotected. [1]  The government is calling for nominations for ‘Areas of Outstanding Biodiversity Value’ (AOBVs), which qualify for conservation work funding from the Biodiversity Conservation Trust. However, AOBV nominations will only be considered with

Retaining biodiversity on private land


THE FEDERAL AGRICULTURE Department under David Littleproud is acting on recognition that much Australian biodiversity/habitat lies on private land, farm land, and that private landholders must be engaged to stem the catastrophic level of native plant and animal removal and decline since colonial times.   Paying farmers for the costs of on-farm

Relentless shooting and cruelty

us and them

Preparing to testify at a NSW enquiry into the welfare and health of the state's kangaroos, Diane Smith and Greg Keightley again experienced first-hand the barbaric impacts of the Australian commercial kangaroo industry for skins and petfood or, in parallel, just for wildlife destruction — supported by various rural landholders and

Aunty Ro speaks her pain at destruction of totem kangaroo

Painting by Michael Huddleston

INDIGENOUS EDUCATOR AND writer Aunty Ro Mudyn Godwin, in June testified to a NSW parliamentary committee hearing on the welfare and health of the state’s kangaroos. Status quo welfare: very bad. She spoke of the personal  impact and social cost of the state’s and indeed Australia’s, wholesale destruction of the national emblem, which

Region rep Barilaro ups attack on free speech


ABC MEDIA WATCH dissects, in the link below, the recent arrest of a producer for YouTube satirist Jordan Shanks, ‘Friendlyjordies’. The alleged crime is ‘stalking’  in regard to approaching member for Monaro John Barilaro multiple times with uncomfortable or cheeky questions. Barilaro has been at the receiving end of a barrage of

EV’s: choice and affordability? A local dealer shows how


In the second of his series on electric vehicles, Graham Franklin-Browne gives the Bulletin readership an exciting glimpse of what possibilities on the pre-owned market. Read on. HAVE YOU EVER wondered how you might get your backside into the driver’s seat of a reasonably priced electric vehicle? Around the world the EV