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Tips for surviving self-isolation …

> Join a Choir (yes really) Technology takes the humble Pub Choir to new levels. • Couch Choir — (They Long to Be) Close to You • Couch Choir — Heroes. David Bowie -------------------------------- Pub Choirs BEFORE self-isolation  • How deep is your Love , Bee Gees (Pub Choir, Brisbane) -------------------------------- And for those who play a musical

‘They’ love our wildlife, do ‘we’?


A RECENTLY-ARRIVED Australian resident and writer, Elle Hunt, wrote a compelling article in January expressing how people from around the world love and value Australian wildlife. The horror of our wildlife’s suffering in the recent bushfires, was the immediate impetus for her story. But it raises good questions for Australians. In the

We hadn’t thought of that: how to avoid bushfires

torch-Photo by Klim Sergeev on Unsplash

(and maybe make a stock market killing) Our friends in Northern California sent this report of their local electricity supplier’s ingenious method to guard against bushfires caused by downed or carelessly placed power lines. “We went all summer with no major fires locally (a great thing). Of course, this may have been

Volunteer fire fighters’ now face paper blizzard


ON ABC’s Q and A television program on the night of 3 February we heard a popular community volunteer from Bermagui tell Australia that she did not think 10% of volunteer firefighters would put themselves through the paperwork and bureaucratic hoops surrounding government reimbursement to volunteer firefighters. At issue is the

Promises, promises

classroom young children

BEREJIKLIAN-BARILARO SCHOOLS BACKLOG IN MONARO BEFORE THE MARCH 2019 state election, the National Party Member for Monaro John Barilaro was everywhere promising everyone funding — to the extent that this publication and others dubbed him ‘Porkbarrel-aro’ Now the NSW Labor Opposition has unveiled the extent to which promises for schools in particular

Cowra Council responds to public upset on kangaroo plan


ALERTED BY ANIMAL Liberation NSW, members of the public have contacted Cowra councillors protesting council’s decision to proceed with a plan to cull 30 of an estimated 300 kangaroos in the Cowra Peace Precinct area. As severe drought and fires hit eastern Australia, wildlife has been forced closer to settlements seeking

Footnote to QPRC stance on planning for weather


“Water pipes burned and water quality assessed...” AS THE DISTRICT Bulletin published a review of QPRC’s (lack of) transparent forward planning with climate change risks in mind, a major fire broke out in the Tallaganda National Park, burning 31 thousand hectares by 6 December and ongoing as this was posted. While