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Criminalising compassion and truthfulness


Governments aim to stop protest for animals and the environment In the wake of NSW, Qld and federal governments setting draconian fines and trespass laws for protesting against environmental destruction, like new mining projects, governments and major political parties are targeting animal activists who shed light on inhumane practices on farm.

Complex issues ignored with Brumby cull demands

Brumbies frolicking-Carol Hancock

Climate change retreat of snow will dwarf impact of introduced animals By Frankie Seymour — AJP candidate Monaro, (environmental scientist) UNTIL I SAW it two week ago, I was fairly agnostic about whether the damage attributed to the Brumbies in Kosciuszko National Park was real or just yet another ‘feral’-bashing beat-up. Then

Safeguard and conserve what we have

NEW report: Hot, Dry& Deadly: NSW plants, animals (including humans) face ultimate challenge Review by Frankie Seymour Hot, Dry& Deadly: Impacts of Climate Change on Nature in NSW is a clear and concise document launched regionally last month by the Nature Conservation Council of NSW, a peak organisation representing 160 member organisations. The

ACT wildlife management

Condemning orphan joeys and endangering humans Since animal protection activists began their nightly vigils on and around the reserves where the ACT government conducts its annual kangaroo slaughter, they have observed dozens of dependent kangaroo joeys, unattended by any adult kangaroos, lining the nearby roadsides. Most of these joeys will never

Verdict in cull whistleblower case

Verdict against Chris Klootwijk raises more questions than it answers regarding legality of ACT crackdown on cull protesters. Seen here, Klootwijk points to shooter vehicle damage to the sensitive ACT grasslands. Appeal on horizon Chris Klootwijk, who was convicted on one of two counts of hindering two public officials (a ranger and

New ‘free range’ standard leaves no room to flap wings

In defiance of the national Animal Welfare Code of Practice for Domestic Poultry,  state Consumer Affairs Ministers have now permitted egg producers to label their eggs ‘free range’, even when they are cramming 10,000 birds into a single hectare. The national code of practice recommends no more than 1500 hens per

Whistleblower’s conviction overturned

Chris Klootwijk’s response to his acquittal: “It’s great! I’ve been promoted from ‘crim’ to ‘pest’.” ACT failed to have valid license to shoot wildlife Court report by Frankie Seymour The ACT Supreme Court has overturned, on appeal, the conviction of a man for ‘hindering a government official’ by blowing a whistle during the