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1080 The Nasty Poison: why do Australians use it?

1080 bait sign on tree

Local Land Services in the Bulletin's coverage area is once again encouraging landholders to band together and bait canine animals with 1080 – a slow, cruel poison that is banned in most of the world. Here's a report to read before supporting the baiting with 1080. A PRESS RELEASE reported that

Safer for horse and rider: Horsemanship methods

The recent deaths of three young girls in horse sports, has again highlighted the dangers involved in working and riding horses. NSW Government SafeWork since then has published a Horse Riding Code of Practice draft, guidelines on safety measures and requirements especially for new and inexperienced people interacting with horses. The

Town and country pets

It’s nearly 10 year ago that the documentary Pedigree dogs exposed caused wide spread outrage in the media and among dog lovers. The documentary focused on the obsession in purebred dog breeders to produce exaggerated physical traits in show breeds, leading to severe physical disorders in certain breeds. I personally never