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Prime Minister abandons Climate Policy

climate policy abandoned

IN DROPPING ANY reference to emissions reductions in the National Energy Guarantee (NEG), the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has capitulated to the extreme right on energy and climate policy, according to Climate Action Monaro (CAM). In a press conference today, the Prime Mister said he would adopt all recommendations of the

That sinking feeling: Venice, Rotterdam, Miami, Lagos

flooded streets Miami 2015

BOOK REVIEW by Jenny Goldie. The Water Will Come – rising seas, sinking cities, and the remaking of the civilized world by Jeff Goodell Little, Brown and Co., New York, 2017. 341 pp. AT THE RECENT  Climate Change Update in Canberra, Professor Mark Howden said sea-level rise, one of the manifestations of climate change,

All about Braidwood’s climate – a practical handbook

All about Braidwood’s climate – a practical handbook and descriptive guide Roger Hosking WDA RRP $11.70.  First published 2003. Revised edition 2017.   Reviewed by Jenny Goldie Who better to write a book about Braidwood’s climate than the man who recorded the weather in Wallace Street for 30 years? This small book, with the addition

Energy security and climate change commitments

What are we doing? At the 2015 climate change talks in Paris, Australia committed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 26-28 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030. Some say it’s not enough; nevertheless, it’s a significant reduction to be achieved in less than 13 years. Over this past summer, Australia

Think it’s all happened before so, what me worry?

Persistent climate deniers reject the idea that the climate is changing. When they see an increase in extreme weather events, however, they move to the next level down in denial. “OK, the climate is changing but humans are not to blame. It’s the sun, volcanoes and other natural forces changing the

Book review: A Single Tree

A Single Tree – voices from the bush Compiled by Don Watson Penguin Random House, Australia 2016, 416pp Reviewed by Jenny Goldie Brandishing a $50 Christmas gift voucher from my son, I raced into the bookstore, meaning to buy the much acclaimed 2014 book by Don Watson, called “The Bush”. In my haste I

Climate change: Trump returning US to wilful ignorance

Jenny Goldie reports that US President-elect Trump’s mooted dismissal of climate action may galvanise other countries to bigger solutions. “I want to throw up.  NY Times is predicting Trump.  This is the worst thing ever.” So emailed my New York-based niece within hours of polls closing in the United States. I sympathised,