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Two community-funded solar projects soon to shine

One tenth of all Canberra homes have roof-top solar panels. It was hard, however, for people renting or living in apartments to reap the benefits of the solar revolution. Now, with the ACT government leading the way, everyone has the opportunity to pool their resources and fund large-scale solar projects. On

Five reasons to get out of bed in the morning

Energy and innovation With severe bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef, global carbon dioxide levels passing the symbolic milestone of 400ppm, and wildfires raging across southwest United States, it is easy to lapse into despair about climate change. So a recent spate of good news stories came as a welcome antidote.

Tree-planting efforts, to lower greenhouse gas emissions, wiped out

Environmental groups say koala populations collapsed in Queensland by 50% during the three years of land clearing encouraged by the Newman government. Placating the National Party and NSW Farmers: Land clearing looms for NSW after disastrous run in Queensland In 2013, under the Campbell Newman government, Queensland relaxed its land clearing laws.