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How it really is, from a GetUp volunteer


I DON’T NORMALLY write these emails, but last Saturday, Scott Morrison came after me — after all of us. My name is Vanita. I’m 56. I migrated to Australia almost forty years ago, and I work three jobs in Western Sydney. Perhaps you saw it in the papers — in a public speech

Letter from the Australian Youth Climate Coalition

AYCC protest Labor Conference 2018

Dateline: Adelaide 2018 Labor Conference OVER THE PAST few days, relentless young people have been out in force at the Labor Party’s National Conference putting climate action and stopping Adani front and centre on the political agenda. And boy, did we we achieve our goals — I am so bloody proud. On Sunday,

Stopping for injured wildlife the right thing to do

injured wildlife

Excellent letter in the Canberra Times responding ACT Government's irresponsible comments if you accidentally hit an animal on the road: Moral imperative IT IS CONTEMPTIBLE of Daniel Iglesias to use the reckless actions of two motor hoons as an opportunity to plug his equally contemptible annual kangaroos slaughter. This opportunism occurred after a

Power in NSW in chaos

Dear Editor AS AN EX-Pacific Power electrical engineer who spent 33 years building and maintaining power stations in NSW it makes me sad to see what is happening to the power industry in NSW in just 7 years. NSW once had a reliable power system. With the closing of  1,000MW Wallerwang Power

Taxpayer: no reply from state rep, council questions

letter to editor

Including about sale of public property WITH OUR LOCAL NSW Eden-Monaro politician, not seemingly wanting to reply to, or even acknowledge, emails sent from members of his electorate, the Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council (QPRC) ratepayers seem to have lost the ability to complain to our local NSW member about issues with

Bungendore camp ground gathers dust

road dust

DEAR RESIDENTS of Mathews Lane, We recently had the pleasure staying at the Bungendore Showground/Camping Park, the peace and tranquillity of the area was delightful, so I can understand why you all enjoy living on the Lane. As lovely country and considerate people I implore you all to slow down at least