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Bulletin congratulates McBain on regional ministry spot


KRISTY MCBAIN WON re-election with a confidence vote of close to 60% from her Eden-Monaro constituents. A bellwether electorate high point. Her Labor peers have thanked her, amongst a swag of new women entering the Albanese government ministries, with the portfolio of Minister for Regional Development, Local Government and Territories. That’s

The real threat now to Australian life, nature

Gang-Gang-cockatoo-male_cr- JJ Harrison_CC BY-SA 3-0_CROPPED

THE UNITED NATIONS SECRETARY General Antonio Guterres did not pull his punches as he released the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) latest and most urgent real-world data report: He said it revealed a “criminal” abdication of leadership around the world. The report again warned that Australia is in the top

In this season of peace and goodwill: meet the macropods and our region’s champion healers


In the following excerpt from Maria Taylor's new book INJUSTICE hidden in plain sight... Australia's national icon is restored to its rightful place amongst the country's remarkable, unique animals. And we meet two medical champions who fix broken bodies of wombats, kangaroos and wallabies, turtles, reptiles and birds of many kinds — bringing expert

Sharing our land


IN MEMORIUM THIS WINTER REALLY knocked the old ones. A relentlessly wet and cold winter in the range country surrounding the national capital. We hadn’t experienced weather like this in a decade. Most recently we were battling drought and then fires as elsewhere in Eastern Australia. We share the land here with

Plant-based health and fighting climate change


NOT SO LONG ago, I was invited to sit in on a webinar discussion by professionals on nutrition and plant-based health. A top theme was how to get the word out that turning away from meat consumption is a win-win for the planet and for us personally.  I believe my

How Canberra tells you what to think


EVERY MAY MOTHER’S DAY or thereabouts, Canberra politicians, Labor, Green and Liberal, spoil the season by giving thumbs up to what they like to portray as an unremarkable slaughter of our national emblem in the nation’s capital. On public nature reserves, this involves shooting kangaroo families — mums and males —