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FROM EDITOR Maria Taylor —We are going solo and direct with donations to The Bulletin. This comes after a very disappointing experience with Paypal as intermediary — a headache possibly experienced by other small business in Australia recently. Too many robots and automated responses, not enough human contact for issue discussion. Thank

When words fail us


POLITICS HAS BECOME so bad in places, so over-the-top in behaviour that appears consequence-free, even when badged corrupt or immoral, that it gets beyond us.  Earnest reporting and social media commentary can’t keep up. It’s too depressing. But a remedy has appeared. Bring on the satirists. Consider Koalagate. It featured a

COMPLAINT: Is QBN FM just a mouthpiece for NSW farmers?


Hi Folks, I WAS VERY concerned to hear a news broadcast [15 Sept 2020] by your syndicated Rural Communications Network relevant to the political stoush brought about by the National Party on expanded safeguards for koala habitat on private property. These are trying to help safeguard the koala which I am

DID Eden-Monaro Voters send a message? Part II


THE BULLETIN is not the only commentator noticing that voters were sending a message with the recent Eden-Monaro by-election that ended with a close finish for Labor’s Kristy McBain on preferences. An Inside Story analysis by reporter Tim Colebatch, previously an economics editor for Fairfax, delves into the preference flow that

Goodbye Big Fella


Yes, I’m angry. And sad. Sad and disgusted that the politicians and bureaucrats of our national capital Canberra, treat our national emblem, the Kangaroo, (Skippy to fans around the world), like rubbish — to be killed and buried. THE LACK of respect in Australia for our unique wildlife, shown by official



RECENTLY, the NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro, the National Party politician representing Monaro, again threw himself into the media spotlight. Two notable pronouncements in quick succession. Barilaro’s behaviour in the second case, jaw-dropping tantrums, quickly overshadowed the earlier story with wide-spread media coverage. But the first story should not be