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EEKUS AUKUS, Awkward! That Fella Down Under, as Joe Biden calls him, has managed to upset the French, the Kiwis, people who don’t want nuclear submarines, the Chinese, our Asian neighbours and probably most of Europe in one fell swoop with his AUKUS public relations stunt. But Labor didn’t seem to

Pork Barrelling


Bushfire recovery funds in much of Eden-Monaro  have lagged disturbingly as federal local representative Kristy McBain has explained on this website and elsewhere. Not to mention the lack of adequate funding for recovery of the natural environment and wildlife. Here Elizabeth Minter for Michael West Media unpacks the political party favouritism at

Google and FB laws

Michael West Media in early February has offered a good plain English explanation of what the Morrison government attempts to regulate Google and Facebook news distribution means for small publishers and businesses in Australia (not good) as distinct from what it will achieve if successful: funnelling money back to the Murdoch's media