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Is PM’s slippery act infectious?

Wes Mountain_The Conversation_ CC BY-ND

No action on purpose-built quarantine facilities, complacency about vaccine rollouts, and another Victorian lockdown: Is Scott Morrison’s charmed political act waning with a routine-driven media? University of Melbourne journalism researcher Dennis Muller gives us some answers in The Conversation. Scott-free no more? Why the prime minister's smooth media run may be coming to

Research reveals shocking detail on how Australia’s environmental scientists are being silenced


ECOLOGISTS AND CONSERVATION experts in government, industry and universities are routinely constrained in communicating scientific evidence on threatened species, mining, logging and other threats to the environment, our new research has found. Our study, just published, shows how important scientific information about environmental threats often does not reach the public

Why are more bald men in hospital with coronavirus?


The answer could hold a treatment. TWO SMALL STUDIES published recently suggested most men hospitalised with COVID-19 are bald, generating headlines around the world. While this may sound strange, science does offer a plausible explanation. Male pattern baldness is associated with high levels of male sex hormones called androgens. And androgens seem to