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Before deadly fires, lethal wildlife ‘management’. Call for halt.


Please . . . There is no time like now to write to the Environment Minister in all States and ask that all logging, culling and sterilization programs be stopped immediately . . . Koala are still being sterilized as we speak . . . These fires will see many species struggling to recover . . . they need our help to speak up for them.
— Lyn Gynther, Kanga Watch Inc.

CAPTION: A koala sits in a puddle of water created by the drips from the firehose. (Source Eden Hills CFS Victoria; Facebook post 22 December 2019). INSET: The final destiny of a Kangaroo joey, facial features deliberately blurred. (Source Twitter 4 January 2020)

Government to maintain kangaroo cull despite bushfires

“Despite estimates that over a billion animals have been killed by bushfires, the NSW government has given no indication it will cease commercial kangaroo culling.

A spokesperson for the NSW Department of Planning Industry and Environment (DPIE) told Yahoo News Australia that a significant portion of the fire activity in NSW was in the non-commercial management zone along the coast.

The spokesman noted that commercial harvesting had already been suspended in four areas due to low population densities.”

By Michael Dahlstrom, yahoo! news / 10 January 2020



NSW bushfires lead to deaths of over a billion animals and ‘hundreds of billions’ of insects, experts say

“The figure has more than doubled from an original estimate of 480 million animals lost, as the hectares razed by out-of-control fires increased from 3 million to now almost 5 million in NSW.

Ecologist Chris Dickman from the University of Sydney said: ‘for some species we’re looking at imminent extinction’.”

By Emma Elsworthy, ABC News / 9 January 2020

 ‘Silent death’: Australia’s bushfires push countless species to extinction

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  1. Animals of Australia are NOT FOR ANY GOVT TO DECIDE TO CULL, STERILIZE,
    THE Human population need to be STERILIZED!

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