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BOM and CSIRO State of the Climate 2020 shows Australia is experiencing climate change now


THE BUREAU OF Meteorology and the CSIRO have teamed up for the latest biannual report on the climate, and the findings are clear: Australia is experiencing climate change now, and the warming trend is continuing.

We are now up to 1.44 degrees Celsius of warming since 1910, plus or minus 0.24C, resulting in increased extreme heat days, heatwaves and raised fire danger.

Karl Braganza, manager of the climate environmental prediction service at the Bureau, said the science had been broadly consistent and largely accurate in the way that it had portrayed and projected the climate system for the last several decades.

“What we are seeing now is a more tangible shift in the extremes, so we are starting to feel how that shift in the average is impacting on the extreme events,” he said.


“We don’t necessarily feel the 1.44 degree increase in Australia’s average temperature but we feel those heatwaves and we feel that fire weather.”

In the two years since the last State of the Climate report we have lived through 2019, the hottest year on record, which produced one of the worst fire seasons we have ever seen.


By Kate Doyle, Clint Jasper, ABC Weather

FEATURE IMAGE: Ava Sol, Unsplash.

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